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  Mix Boy DJ SHUBHAM working with Tracks since 2 years

  Mix Boy DJ SHUBHAMwas born in Allahabad on 13th NOVEMBER. .

  I has done his schooling from ALLAHABAD,.

  Since my childhood I was crazy about music

  Music being one of my hobbies, 

I am also a keen Chess & Batminten fan. 

Shubham has also been playing chess & batminten since childhood and also traveled to Kanpur, Lucknow , Jabalpur  and many other places to represent my club for which he used to play. Apart from this, SHUBHAM loves to spare some time at his terrace flying kites. My career began 2 years ago when he first listen music of DJ RAHUL on a  party, then I am being very crazy & after it I take the knowladge of mixing to DJ Rahul.DJ RAHUL is my close relative & also as a friend. I loves to play Hindi , Punjabi & Bhojpuri and believes, that is what the crowd looks upon.

=>My quotes <=

=> I love... My parents

=> I hate... Liers

=> My favourite possession ... My CDs and music

=> Taste I love... Maggi

=> My favourite hero... Shahid Kapoor

=> My favourite heroine... Aisha Takia

=> Male with Golden voice... Mo. Rafi

=> Female with Golden voice... Lata Mangeskar

=> Favourite Colour... Pink,White

=>Favourite Cricketer... Sachin Tendulkar

=>Favourite Player... Vishvnath Anand

=> Outfit I like... Pantaloon

=> My style of pastime... long drive, making music, reading motivational books

=> My biggest dream... GREAT AUDIO ENGINEER

"I play for the crowd and always try to look up to the crowd requirement".

Music is my life, and I feels great that my life is my career.

I has Learned Software mixing from ( DJ RAHUL of ALLAHABAD......

Presently I Study on Diploma in Electronics Engineering

From LPL(Lucknow Polytechnic Lucknow).  

Also Fully Educated with Diploma in Computer Applications ,

Also Educated in Drawing nd Painting.

Now I Live at Lucknow If anybody wants to meet me then U can call +919506926978

& also can Email=>
or Email=>

          Thanks For Visit my Website 


" My Next Future Plan is to Learn Sound Engineering. "


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